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Making false attempts to conceal a false mistake. This may be by verbal, gesture or silence. The purpose of a social behavior lies; to deceive others. Lying is a painful truth that we sometimes suffer from, and sometimes it helps us for a short time but we all face it. Lie is a fact that begins and continues with the existence of humanity.

"Other than death in the world lies," says Candan Erçetin, and "lies" in our lives inevitable "real"! Lying is as natural as our sexual needs and even intertwined with our needs. We are small, big, old, young, we all lie in some way. In fact, we all know very well that we have to lie. We also know that lying is the weapon of weak people. Why do we continue to lie? Why is everyone lying, how does lying disease settle in us?

We lie for two main reasons:

a) Avoid the penalty (in) max. The child who is afraid of his father's beating will lie because he will be punished if he tells the truth. The student who does not do his homework lies because he does not want the teacher to give him a low grade.

b) Rewarding. The little child lies to draw attention, and his interest is his reward. The merchant tells of the poor quality of good quality, the fee he will receive is his reward.


Where do those who lie to learn the lie or to get away from the punishment?


a) From our family: Our parents have been lying to us since we were little. "If your son is silent, I will buy chocolate." Don't tell me what a baby understands. However, his mind automatically records these lies. The child grows up a bit and then witnesses other lies. Dad says, "No son at home." His mother rides his 9-year-old son in a van, but he lies to be able to make three or five cents of snow, saying, "He is 5 years old, he is not going to school." If he sees his neighbor in the neighborhood smiling and praises. Growing up in such a family, the child begins to lie, thinking that lying is a natural thing.

b) From printed and visual publications: One day only watch your TV to find the lies in the programs you watch. Love series, action films, magazine programs, morning programs, advertisements, how much lie do you think the news? Unfortunately, we learn to lie on television when we were younger. In the most innocent cartoons, even in novels, the lie to the subconscious of us is engraved as something so normal that it becomes very difficult to dismantle it from within.

c) From our environment: Even if our family does not lie or watch television, there are so many people lying around us. In short, our friends, neighbors, uncles, aunts can look into our eyes and lie. Sometimes they tell a joke to lie, but in the end the result does not change and we're dealing with lies again.

Some researchers have classified the lie as follows, taking into account the pathology of the lie, the purpose and content of the lie:

1. Useful lies: For the sake of our relationship

2. Hysterical lies: To gather interest

3. Lies for Defense: To save ourselves from a difficult situation

4. Lies to Compensate: To Impress Others

5. Lies for evil: to gain personal interests

6. Lies rumored to be gossip: To spread exaggerated words

7. Implied lies: To make misleading with half right

8. Lies to come to love: To protect the interests of others

9. Pathological lies: To beat ourselves and others


Today, lying is a profession and even more advanced art. Technological advances so fast and intense experience can not prevent lies and lies. In fact, lying and lying to keep pace with the age and grow rapidly and develop day by day. Just like a chameleon, it adapts to the environment, the age, the profession, the arts, in short, everything.


Lying is not necessarily the words that come out of our mouths. Cheating, defrauding, counterfeiting and many other things are other branches of lies. Politicians, artists, scientists, in short, can be found in all branches of profession lies and liars. For example; Did you know that Pasteur didn't find the rabies vaccine, and that Toussaint made it appear to be the vaccine he got from a veterinarian named Toussaint, and as a result taToussaint died of a nervous breakdown a few months later?

Contact us and get professional help to avoid pathological lying or coping with liars. 05447243650

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