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People Who Hate Women Have Great Problems In Family-Marriage and Couple Relationships
People Who Hate Women Have Great Problems In Family-Marriage and Couple Relationships

In order to prevent and cope with the psychological, physical, etc. violence against women today, it is useful to first address the concept of Misogyny as the universal equivalent of hate for women.
The word mizogini, which is formed by the combination of the words "misein" meaning hate in Greek and "gyne" meaning woman, is a concept used in the world instead of "hate for women".
Misogyny can also be described as a psychological illness, which is thought to underlie the "violence against women" issue, which we often encounter in our country and which we all face with great sadness and reactions. Perpetrators of violence against women have profiles that fit the definition of this psychological illness.
Some men are in the bondage of misogynism; Men are traumatically disappointed by an opposite sex they trust, such as their mother, older sister, teacher, or girlfriends. Or, the mother's exposure to violence in the family, the exclusion and humiliation of younger sisters, damage to her relationship with the first woman she trusts, cultural factors that raise patriarchy, and experiences that degrade the woman she witnessed are among the causes of misogyny. And this pattern of hate and being hostile is embedded in the man's subconscious.
Men who nurture this kind of hatred and hostility can play a thoughtful, romantic and normal person at the beginning of relationships. Their relationship begins with happiness, and then she begins to collect the pain of that hatred she suppresses within her. She begins to show attitudes such as belittling women, despising, devaluing, not taking into account that she may hurt, selfishness, gender discrimination, violence, exclusion, only making them their own sexual pleasures.
These men are also sexually selfish, they don't care about women's satisfaction. They just tend to enjoy their own pleasure. They do not care about the emotional needs of the woman after the relationship that await attention and affection. They tend to deceive. In addition, they can finish their relationship without saying goodbye, calling, asking, without any explanation, and come back months later by waving their hand and arm, they do not care about what the woman feels, how much they broke, they cannot understand. They do not like to spend time with women, they usually schedule their appointments and come home late. They care more about their boyfriends, their jobs and enjoy spending time with them. If necessary, they behave in a selfish manner, regardless of the promises they make, regardless of the woman they keep waiting, and seeing this attitude as normal. All of these attitudes actually come from the subconscious that has been processed. They can also correct this situation that they are not in control of, only by getting professional support.
Although there is hate on one side of the coin, and you are right, it is an evil emotion, remember that hate is one of the deepest and most intense emotions a person can experience. And of course the opposite of this powerful feeling is love! This is the other side of the coin. One can make room for the size of love as well as the size of hate. This is not a defensive sentence to be tolerated, but a solution sentence for men to overcome this problem.
The best solution for such men, who are more likely to wear down women full of love and love, is to seek treatment and professional help. Men who fill their hearts and subconscious with hate must absolutely and absolutely need professional support to balance these feelings with love and to scratch the traces of that hate from their mind, emotions and soul.
The reason why hate dominates people so much is actually lovelessness and lack of love. For, the healing of every illness and every problem filled with hatred is in respect and love. If you cannot cope with your feelings such as anger, hatred, revenge and violence within you, if you cannot counter-attack and activate your feelings of empathy, be sure to get professional help and call us. Contact us at our number 05447243650.
Last Word: dear friends, bless your whole soul, home and children with so much love that they will not be victims of hate.

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